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Our Mission


Our mission is to support and nurture a cultural ecosystem that enables musicians and performing artists to live, grow, and thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing commission-free gig opportunities. 


We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency.

We curate diverse live music experiences for all to enjoy. Our goal is to inspire vibrancy in our communities through music and performing arts while supporting those who have limited access to arts and cultural programming.

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Join Music City San Francisco in association with the Lower Polk CBD, Polk Neighbors, OEWD & The Office of Small Business in support of the Polk Corridor Community.  


Enjoy live music, craft vendors and local artists at the

Fern Alley Music Series.  
Savor local eats from Music City SF Lounge and neighboring businesses, while listening to live music and engaging with local vendors at
the Fern Alley Music Series.




1353 Bush Street, Suite 112

San Francisco, CA 94109

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