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Music Teachers that ROCK!

Each of our faculty brings a wealth of performing and teaching experience to Music City Artist Development.  Browse their individual profiles below to learn about their unique interests, qualifications, and teaching styles. 

Drums with Lance Harrington

My name is Lance Harrington. I am a classically trained drummer having studied music extensively since the age of 10 under Los Angeles studio musician, Joel Taylor, renowned Jazz educator, Bennett Friedman, at the California Jazz Conservatory, and through my own experiences, in addition to receiving music consultation from Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. of the Indie Rock band, The Killers.


I have taught music lessons to students both domestic and international, ages 5 - 65+, levels beginners to advanced for 18 years. My approach to teaching is catered to each individual student's skill level and desired knowledge, while establishing the fundamentals of music and theory. 

Drums with David Rokeach

A long time Bay Area resident, drummer David Rokeach has been working primarily in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas for more than 20 years. David toured nationally and internationally with Ray Charles from 1990-91. This included concert videos and many television appearances, including an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the Doc Severinson Orchestra.

In recent years he has performed/recorded with Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Aaron Neville, Mavis Staples, Lou Rawls and many more.

Guitar with Kevin Russell 

Kevin is a contemporary artist known in hip musical circles and by fans worldwide. He is a provocative player whether you listen to him playing blues, smooth jazz-soul or burning rock-n- roll guitar.  His versatility and daring spirit are always apparent.  


Kevin has been a well-respected artist for many years by innovators, his peers in the music industry and fans alike.  Kevin has always believed you must grow musically and continue to strive forward and always remember the best is yet to come.Kevin continues to develop new ideas musically and touch audiences worldwide. 


Kevin is considered a very soulful and accomplished guitar player as well as a singer, songwriter and record producer.

Guitar and Bass with Derek Burle 

Derek Burle has been a passionate player for going on 20 years. From garage bands in his early years through his current music projects, he's been heavily inspired by the titans of guitar such as Page, White and Zappa, and bass like Jamerson, Claypool and Thundercat.


He has been teaching music since 2014 and loves inspiring students to learn their favorite songs while emphasizing technique, theory and good fundamentals. In addition to teaching guitar, bass and ukulele, Derek tours with his swing punk band, Van Goat. When not playing, you can find Derek riding his bike, shooting photos or at a local show.

Ukulele with Doug Reynolds 

Douglas Reynolds is the founder and organizer of two of the largest ukulele festivals in America, the Reno Ukulele Festival, the Palm Strings Ukulele Festival. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with most of the world's top players and has taught at festivals on both sides of the Atlantic.


As a life long guitarist, he found it difficult to keep up with practice and began experimenting with the ukulele in 2005, thinking the fewer strings would provide a shortcut for guitar practice. He soon discovered that the uke, while related to guitar had its own characteristics. Having also worked with many world class guitarists, he developed a unique curriculum blending the bast techniques from each instrument. He also created "One Finger Ukulele,” a method designed for individuals with arthritic hands and other physical challenges. He is currently writing an instructional book based on his approach due out in 2021.

Keyboards with James Agg
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Hi my name is James Agg I'am a British multi-instrumentalist, composer & educator. His primary love is the double bass, with additional core strengths in cello, electric bass, bass ukulele, and piano, all of which have brought his name into prominence in the European jazz circuits and diverse ukulele world in both North America and Europe.


A professional musician for over a decade, his highlights include playing at Ronnie Scott's, 606, Vortex, and Pizza Express Soho in London to most recently playing with multiple GRAMMY Award winners Daniel Ho, Cathy Fink, & Marcy Marxer.


  Music Streaming with Alvie A. Adams 

Alvie A. Adams is the manager at Music City Rehearsal in San Francisco, CA. Alvie has been playing music for over 20 years and have experience working in music business, audio production, and live performance. Since 2018, Music City Rehearsal had been building and expanding our streaming services for musicians. Our bite size courses on streaming will help guide you through the process. 

  Music Theory with Mark Banning 
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Mark Banning, I has been a recording artist since age 13 and have been successfully teaching music lessons for well over 30 years. Some of my students have become professional guitarists and are writing articles in guitar magazines!  I show my students the quickest and most productive way  to reach their musical goals, while making it all very fun, in a relaxed & friendly environment.  I am very friendly and patient.  I will show you to learn good habits and technique on your instrument.

I live and breathe music. I love to share my knowledge and my gift for others to enjoy.  It really blesses me to see my students get better on their instrument.  It brings great joy to my students and myself alike!