Music connects & empowers people even over Zoom!

Updated: Feb 20

Your support brings the joy of music to all ages

How does music connect and empower people?

Every day Music City Artist Development asks – and answers – this question in lessons,

and gig opportunities for musicians. Music transforms by creating meaning in moments of connection, and by bringing us together in a community even over Zoom.

Together, we can bring the power of music enrichment to students of all ages in every community.

Your donation to Music City Artist Development will help us:

  • Continue to develop our programs

  • Provide scholarships for low-income students

  • Provide free drum practice pads and drumsticks to low-income students

  • Provide paid streaming gigs for musicians and in-person gigs when permitted

All donations are welcome big or small

Please donate today!

Music City Artist Development is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax­ deductible.

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